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UC003: Return to service

  • UC003: Return to service

Undercurrent three - the food issue
With restaurants and pubs now back in the swing of things we spoke to a number of the up and coming lights in the Brighton food game including interviews with:
Real Happy Chicken / Freeloada Vegan / Bendito Maiz Tacos / Brighton Hot Sauce.

In addition there is: The results of a the best lager study ever conducted. A feature on the return of non league football, analysis of our strange summer, a love letter to Hove Sunday pubs, an interview with garage rock legends Currls, the man behind Washed Out Festival and heavy metal personal trainer Carmen who runs Cycle With Satan.
There is also a hearty dose of art, poems, photography, and an ode to potato smilies.

52 pages of A4 glory all about the wonderful things that make life worth living.